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March 12, 2009
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-Battleship "YAMATO"- by temma22 -Battleship "YAMATO"- by temma22
-Battleship "YAMATO"-

He drew the sorrow that war began just before that.
That is why there is lowering atmosphere in the whole.

As you can see, this work is drawn based on enormous plan.
There is not a mistake to full length, sail and all of sizes.

From Japan, This work of art was drawn by Hideo Yamato who is famous japanes artist. He is my grandfather.

You can see all his works of art here.

Yamato (大和;), named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province, was a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, and flagship of the Japanese Combined Fleet. She was lead ship of her class. She and her sister ship, Musashi, were the largest and heaviest battleships ever constructed, displacing 72,800 tonnes at full load, and armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) main guns.(wikipedia [link])

Thank you.
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rikkuXchan Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
91,800 tons was the one i read on subsims, which is accurate? also, temma22.. your works are amazing, but your grandfathers is jaw dropping ._.

i surrender to the beauty of this masterpiece!!! O.O
GulfKiller101 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
Yamato was beastly ship, shame Japan fought the allies in ww2, imagine if Japan, UK and USA had co-operated, their naval power would be unstoppable and would dominate the pacific!
rikkuXchan Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its America's fault japan went to war to begin with, America placed naval and commercial embargo's on japan's borders to stop import and export of the country as early as 1936, practically crippling japan's economy, japan was forced to rely on china who had been under Japanese occupation under the orders of the English parliament to maintain their stability and imported steel to build their warships to secure their trade routes and eventually support England against Germany in 1938 but this was changed by America's actions, therefore adjusting the plan to force America's grip off of japan.

however it was obvious that the restrictions were too cruel and unfair towards japan and so they declared to go to war with America who at the time was not part of the war and thus not an allied power, a draft was made to plan for the invasion of pearl harbor in 1939 and was finished a year after, at the time they employed all manners of deception and secrecy to ensure America would not catch wind of the Super Battleship class the Japanese were building and so they decided to initiate the invasion plan of pearl harbor without the Yamato which was undergoing sea trials at the time and even declared war to America weeks before the attack (America brushed it off believing that it was impossible for any Japanese ship to sail that far into the pacific, bunch of cocky bastards), the plan ended with pearl harbor crushingly defeated but America regained their foothold only because the IJN fleet retreated to the Solomon islands right after

had japan waited to initiate their plan and launched their entire pacific fleet right after the Yamato was ready japan would have secured and occupied pearl harbor and quickly made their way to any of the great cities of America's east coast, new york, San-francisco, Chicago, Los-Angeles.. the Yamato could moor itself right next to the golden gate bridge with its massive cannons aimed at the bridge, skyscrapers and city hall as president Roosevelt and gen. MacArthur sign the unconditional surrender of the United states of America.

if America wasn't so goddamned paranoid and weren't control freaks japan would have been an allied power alongside England, America would have never joined the war (despite that they did so very extremely little in ww2 outside of the pacific Theatre - don't believe the movies, America barely had any soldiers in Europe and the only events they participated in the normandy wall, the normandy landings of D-day, and the Siegfried Line, nothing else), America has yet to pay for any of their war-crimes, and believe me there are plenty of unanswered war-crimes that they've made.

also, almost every battleship the Japanese had in ww2 were built by the English, all much heavier and more powerful than the Treaty of Versailles allowed, the (navy active rosters>) Kongo, Haruna, Kirishima, Hiei, Ise, Hyuuga, Fuso, & Yamashiro were all English battleships made specifically for japan after ww1, only the Nagato, Mutsu, Yamato and Musashi were truly Japanese Battleships, it gives you an idea of the relationships Japan and England had before America became a total asshole to japan. (and btw im not being biased, i live in one of the countries that were occupied by japan in ww2 and my ancestors were raped and killed on the streets, but imperial japan back then and Japan now are very different people, just the same with Germany, so i forgave them eons ago, ironically America hasn't but they don't voice it out because they were the ones to did the mass-genocide of 600,000+ people with their atomic bombs, America never forgives and forgets, if they did they wouldn't have such abrasive relations with Russia even after Russia's soviet government collapsed and even after that disarmed their entire military and nuclear arsenal, they even lost the western territories to Europe because their economy had collapsed, and yet America still thinks they're a menacing threat, i cant give enough f*cks to them, it will never be enough.

Japan was one of the countries who disliked the implementation of the Treaty of Versailles that was being placed into the axis powers at the time, all countries that participated in the axis powers in ww1 and all countries that do not approve of the treaty will recieve its massive restrictions, for the axis it was permanent, but for the rest it was limited to 35 years, Japan was once part of the Mighty Five (sort of like the primordial UN at the time) and left the Fold after expressing their concern for the unfairness of the treaty upon the axis, england agreed with japan's sentiments but believed it was necessary to pacify any future wars (which on the contrary started the base motivation for the germans in ww2), thus england supported japan to help build their military might as peace-keepers of the southeast pacific by building all manners of warships and civilian ships and weapons of all kinds as well as food and resources, japan's peacekeeping actions towards china's civil war against their monotheistic monarchy was authorized and justified directly by England, another member of the Mighty Four (renamed after japan left)

< Legend: The "Mighty Four", once known as the "Mighty Five" were the primordial variant of what is now known as the United Nations comprised of America, England, France, Russia and Japan, they were the superpowers of the time and were instrumental in peacekeeping operations throughout the world and in world war 1, after Japan left the Organization was renamed the "Mighty Four", they were dissolved after ww2 with the declaration of Prime-Minister Winston Churchill to found a new peacekeeping organization named "The United Nations" >

(btw to the american peeps, peace - i only hate your nearly communistic over-dominating double standardizing self-centered pseudo-omnipotent government, i'm sure there are some good people among the american populace.. i'd love to see the CIA/NSA arrest/kill me for my freedom of speech, go ahead and try guys, it'll turn into a bloody scandal!! xD )
rikkuXchan Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
America pretends they're a "free country" but they've been more like the old communist Russia or the Nazi reicht over the past 20 years, I'm sure everyone knows what this means, America's government has been indoctrinated by the Nazi remnants, their "Free Country" no longer exists, they don't even follow their own bill of rights or bill of the constitution anymore and don't even respect the laws and regulations any other country and always keep stepping out of their jurisdiction and always think they can just walk into any country by force with their entire military like some self righteous autonomous peace-keeping assholes, the American empire shall fall soon, and their own people will be the countries end, the American people will be the prosecutors and governments imperial dictatorship will end.

(if you think theirs no dictatorship your sadly mistaken, America has been taking steps to make the government autonomous and act as a monolith since the 70s, independent of the central government or congress, capable of operating without the president, therefore the president of America is only a figurehead, the true leader of America is a splinter cell within America's own government, one that controls all the military power, intelligence and media, and one that can take America with a coup d'etat swiftly at any time.. my best educated guess is the secretary of defense, the CIA, or NSA..)
DemonDogMarine1960 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
This is my all time FAVORITE painting of this Infamous ship!! Great Job!!
Lt-Colonel-Sharpy Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome! I love the Yamato.^^
DeathoftheUndying Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazingly epic.
Chibirou Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
I love this picture ... It's a wonderfull ship with an amazing crew.
lukem78 Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful representation of an excellent subject!
Elite-Yamato360 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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